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Circumstances appear to have preserved almost all of the houses that stood in Sharpsburg during the Battle of Antietam. All have been modified to some extent, but some seem to have parts that date from the earliest days of the Republic. A few may even have parts that were Colonial, based on some old articles and area histories. We’re not really certain any more which they were.

However, land, tax and wills records are intact, and we have begun to search the deeds to find a better idea of the age of the houses and their histories.

Here you will find links to several deed chains in various stages of completion, to transcripts of some sample deeds, and to an Excel file summarizing all of the pre-1900 deeds that we have found so far. The Lot Map shows all of the original lot boundaries and their numbers. The first lots sold by Joseph Chapline are highlighted.

Note that most of these files are unfinished, and may be revised at any time when new information is available.