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Main Street

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Main Street wasn’t formally named until after the Civil War, though it was usually referred to as “the main street” in earlier deeds. It was apparently laid out along a branch of the old Waggon Road from Philadelphia to Georgia (the other branch passing through Williamsport). In town it runs from Memorial Hill on the east to the road west out of town to Swearingen’s Ferry, across the Potomac to Shepherdstown, now in West Virginia. The old waggon road may have originally turned southwest to reach Packhorse Ford, a mile downstream of the ferry site.

Lot 1
Town Hall Masonic
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105 S. Mechanic St.
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107 S. Mechanic St.
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111 S. Mechanic rear/N.
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Lot 1 E. Main&S. Mech deed abstracts
Lot 4e
Lot 35
124 E.Main St.

100 W. Main St.
104 S. Mechanic St.
Lot 4e deed abstracts Lot 35 deed abstracts
Lot 49 Lot 50
101 E. Main Shay House front&west 103&105 E. Main House front&west 107 E. main Poffenberger front&west 113 E. Main Benders Tavern front&west
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Lot 50 deed chain abstracts
Lot 52 Lot 55
123 E. Main St. 125 E. Main St. 137 E. Main St. 10x N. Church St.
Lot 52 deed chain abstracts Lot 55 deed chain abstracts
Lot 130 219 E. Main St.
201 W. Main 205 W. Main 219 E. Main
130 deed chain abstracts 219 deed chain abstracts

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