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Lot Map

Sharpsburg Lot Map

Lot Map      (Click link to load map)

This map shows the Sharpsburg town lots and their numbers, and the names of the buyers during the land rush when Joseph Chapline first sold lots on January 20th and 21st, 1764. Note that North is toward the right.

The original town lots were 103 x 206 feet, except for those on the town square, which were 103 x 184 to 186 feet long.

The map is based mainly on the Sharpsburg town map in the 1877 Illustrated Atlas of Washington County, by Lake, Griffing & Stevenson, re-published by Unigraphic Inc. in 1975. That map seems to be very accurate, except for the mis-numbering of Lot 145 as 154.

A few more lot numbers are added (in blue) on the east end of town, from the 1945 County Surveyor’s map. Four lots in the northwest corner were never numbered, so now they have letters, for reference in our files.

We have added the nearest Out Lots, based on the Atlas map of the Sharpsburg Election District. They were exactly 5 acres each (20 x 40 perches or 330 x 660 feet), and intended by Chapline to be used only for farming. After the Revolution, Sharpsburg was in the running to be the national Capitol, and it was reported in the late 1800’s that Chapline had laid out streets near Sharpsburg for that possibility. It seems to have been inferred that these lots and alleys were laid out with that in mind, but we have not found any contemporary record of that. He started to sell them (14 of them) on 26 March, 1764.

From our scaling of the out lots, we find that the Atlas map doesn’t have them quite to scale. They are known to have been along still-existing alleys approximately as shown. We have not yet found any Out Lot deeds that give precise survey locations.



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