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Mechanic Street

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Modern Mechanic Street turns into the Harpers Ferry Road at the south edge of town, which passes through the vestige of the town of Antietam or Antietam Furnace. In deeds in the 1830’s to 1850’s, South Mechanic Street was called “the street leading from the Public Square to MacPherson & Brien’s Iron Works” or, later, “to the Antietam Iron Works.” This was shortened to Antietam Street in a couple of 1850’s and 1860’s deeds. By 1877 it was Mechanic Street.

The north end turns into Mondell Road. This may have been where the original trail to Hagerstown entered Sharpsburg.

Lot 34
106 S. Mechanic St. front&north
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108 S. Mechanic St. font&north
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110 S. Mechanic St. front&south
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112 S. Mechanic St. front&south
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114 S. Mechanic St.
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Lot 34 Mechanic Street deed abstracts
Lot 35

100 W. Main St.

104 S. Mechanic St


Lot 35 deed abstract
Lot 84

113-115 S. Mechanic St.

117 S. Mechanic St.

119-121 & 127 S. Mechanic St.
Lot 84 deed abstract

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