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Deed List

Sharpsburg Deed Lists, 1764 to 1899

These lists include more than 800 Sharpsburg deeds, found by SHS members and some other contributors. This will give any budding researcher a start on early deed research on our town properties.

Several of the lots are being studied already, and their deed chains are presented in the House History section of this website.

The list is fairly complete for the years 1764 to 1768 and 1777 to 1784, and we have information on at least one deed from almost every lot in town, but there are still thousands more to be catalogued. If you know of others, please tell us!

Be sure to notice whether a deed is for a Town lot or an Out lot, because the first 88 Town lots share their number with an Out lot. They were not sold together, and it is rare for a buyer to have one of each of the same number.

Note also the revision date at the top of each list.

Chronological Deed List

Deeds are in the order that they were recorded in Frederick County and (after 1776) Washington County. Note that the deed may have been “made” just a few days earlier, but it could be weeks or months earlier, and in one case 10 years earlier.

Deeds by Lot Number

The Town lots are listed first, with un-numbered lots at the end, followed by Out lots. Deeds that are unidentified as to Town or Out have been deleted. This is otherwise the same information as in the Chronological List.

Deeds by Buyer

This list is sorted by the buyer’s last name. You will notice the variability in spelling, and the same person may have deeds far apart on this list. For example, there was a George Ceiffor who probably was the same as George Keiffer…though they may have been father and son, or grandson. Many families passed down their names, our prime example being Joseph Chapline and his son Joseph Chapline, neither of whom signed with “Sr.” or “Jr.”



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