Jimmie Brown and Friends
* * *
Dancin’ with the Deacon” 7:30pm at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

When the early settlers from the British Isles made the treacherous journey to America, they brought their music with them. Songs, dances and ballads of England, Scotland, and Ireland made this journey, as well as the musical instruments the settlers brought. The traditional music of one continent took root in another. From the more urban areas of Boston and Williamsburg to the wilder areas of the Appalachians, music was part of everyday life. In some isolated areas this imported music remained unchanged, while more often it began to take on the character of a new and vibrant country. Using many traditional instruments, folk musician Jimmie Brown with members of the St. Paul’s choir will celebrate this music. Penny whistle, guitar, harmonica, dulcimer, autoharp, cello, wooden flute and harmonium will be featured in the vocal and instrumental selections, both sacred and secular.